About this Blog

Gary is a strategy consultant who specialises in innovation, digital marketing, technology, communications and transformational change. These areas of interest are applied in his consulting work that delivers pragmatic business solutions for clients that drive greater segmentation, profits and operational savings. Gary has worked with companies including Westpac, AXA, Commonwealth Bank, Suncorp, Queensland Government and Qld Motorways. This Blog has been created to share the observations and insights into the lessons learnt over his past 20 years of consulting, as well as observations about those little day to day activities.

He has worked as an educator, facilitator, innovator, business owner, presenter and program director. He holds an Master of Business Administration, Master of Commerce, Diploma of Teaching (Secondary Science/Maths) and a Grad Certificate in Property Economics.

Gary is fascinated by innovation, entrepreneurship, the digital age, behavioural economics, transformational change, the brain, communications and people.

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